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International Faculty Development Grant Awardees

The Center for International Education, with generous support from the Provost’s Office, is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017/2018 International Faculty Development Grants, which support efforts by full-time faculty members to enhance campus internationalization. Winning projects this year include exploration of an institutional partnership agreement with a university in Finland, a future faculty-led program in Norway and a new course on global eco-housing.  Find more detailed information about these grants and how to apply here.

2017/2018 International Faculty Development Grant Recipients

Katie Laatikainen

Katie Laatikainen, a professor in the Department of Political Science and director of The International Studies Program, together with a faculty member from the School of Business, will visit the University of Tampere in Finland to deepen the proposed international partnership agreement. This project stems from connections Professor Laatikainen forged last year as a visiting professor at the University of Tampere during her sabbatical. With this grant, Laatikainen plans to lay the groundwork for future faculty and student exchange through course mapping and discussions with higher administration. Adelphi was delighted to welcome a delegation from University of Tampere’s School of Management to Garden City during the month of October.

Robert Linne

Mary Jean McCarthy

Professor Robert Linné and Clinical Associate Professor Mary Jean McCarthy from The Ruth S. Ammon School of Education will use grant funds to develop a future faculty-led study abroad course on place-based education, a pedagogy that emphasizes experiential learning outside the classroom. Linné and McCarthy plan to include local and international case studies in course, introducing nature education sites in Long Island and Tromso, Norway, a leader in environmental place-based education. Grant money will support a site visit to Tromso to meet local partners, conduct site visits to local schools and finalize logistics.

Nicole Rudolph

Nicole Rudolph, associate professor in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Culture, will use grant funding to further her research on the design and reception of sustainable urban public housing and bring these concepts to campus through a future course on global eco-housing. With support from the grant, Rudolph will conduct site visits to a number of the Eco-Quartier projects in France and meet with experts on global urban studies and eco-architecture. The course will highlight case studies not only in France but also in Canada and the UK, bringing a comparative approach to the topic of sustainability and urban development.

2016/2017 International Faculty Development Grant Recipients

John Drew

Assistant Professor John Drew in the Department of Communications has dedicated time to researching ways in which food organizations discursively negotiate Latin America’s legacies of Spanish colonialism and ongoing U.S. imperialism, particularly in traditionally extractive agricultural industries.

Now, with this grant, he will explore Nicaragua and evaluate food as a lens to connect local social and environmental justice issues with international ones, such as climate change.  His ultimate goal is to then provide new winter and summer session opportunities to students interested in globalization, digital media, marketing, food studies, social entrepreneurship and political ecology.

Bradley Zodikoff

Chrisann Newransky

The School of Social Work’s Chrisann Newransky, Assistant Professor, and Bradley Zodikoff, Associate Professor, will embark on a journey to Japan’s Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU) in Nishinomiya City where they will explore social welfare policy, macro social work, and human services with professors at KGU.

Both Newransky and Zodikoff wish to build a long-term educational relationship with faculty and students at KGU with the intention of sending Adelphi students to study abroad there in the future as well as create a faculty-led program for Summer 2018 that centers on these same topics.

Aaren Freeman

Associate Professor and Director of the Environmental Studies program, Beth Christensen and Associate Professor Aaren Freeman from the Department of Biology not only received the grant but already embarked on their trip to Belize, Central America where they vetted potential snorkeling sites for future students to conduct independent projects concerning the abundance and distribution of marine organisms.

They also assessed the equipment at local field stations that would aid in student projects and even explored various Mayan ruins.  Both Christensen and Freeman will take Adelphi students on a faculty-led trip to a remote field station with the opportunity to conduct independent research projects. The class will also visit ancient Mayan ruins and learn how climate change impacted Mayan culture.

Congratulations to all of the projects chosen to be funded and a great thank you to all professors who submitted applications. These proposals demonstrate how dedicated many of our Adelphi faculty are to a global education for our students and our community. We are very excited to hear about the emerging success of new and upcoming faculty-led programs and look forward to hearing more about each project as the professors return from their respective trips.

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