International and Global Engagement

Adelphi University is continually engaged in international learning.

Adelphi has had a long-standing commitment to furthering global understanding. We believe that our students must become global citizens and diplomats to compete in an increasingly diverse workforce. That’s why we provide Adelphi students with an array of skills and experiences critical to developing globally informed graduates.

International Profile

Adelphi places high value on creating a globally engaged community. Every year, Adelphi hosts more than 400 degree-seeking international students and sends more than 200 students abroad. 

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International Education Week

Each year, the U.S. Department of State sponsors International Education Week. During this week, Adelphi organizes events to increase awareness of global initiatives.

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Grants and Fellowships

A variety of opportunities exist through Adelphi and other organizations to apply for grants aimed at increasing global engagement.

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International Leadership Coordinating Committee

The committee coordinates activities with all of the elements at Adelphi working to actualize the University goal of increased relevance in a changing world.

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Internationalization Resources

Adelphi is committed to an emphasis on global learning across the curriculum and beyond the classroom. These resources provide toolkits for internationalizing the campus and curriculum.

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